Monday, September 8, 2008

Der Dough vas Haunted

February 19, 1918. Of course Dirks had nothing to do with Hearst's organization at this date. The Canadian editor's practice was to write the topper information. Thus Walter Allman's 'American Home' became 'Canadian Home.' Must be John Campbell Cory.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Katzies by Opper?

I have heard that Frederick Burr Opper ghost-penciled (but did not ink) a Katzies page for Dirks. Both the African-American and the Katzies faces in the second panel have that Hooligan look, very much like Opper's work.

Hitt and Runn by "Hitt" 1917

Hitt and Runn by "Hitt" (Oscar Hitt?)

Hitt drew "Bud Fisher" almost better than Bud Fisher and added a touch of George Herriman and Cliff Sterrett to boot. Dates on top of strips.

Shenanigan Kids

The Katzies daily turned into the Shenanigan Kids about October 23, 1918 and was still running January 3, 1919.

The Katzies are Coming !

May 28, 1917-June 1, 1917 Winnipeg Evening Tribune.