Monday, March 24, 2008

Self-portrait of Franklin Morris Howarth.

Self-portrait of F. Morris Howarth from "American Caricature and Comic Art" by La Touche Hancock in The Bookman Vol. XVI, Sept. 1902-1903.

"The method I use in doing my work," he confesses, "is absolutely mechanical. I go about it in just the same manner as any mechanic does in working out a piece of work in his own trade. Inspirations of any kind seldom, if ever, come to me, therefore I have schooled myself to sit down and grind out my jokes and ideas in much the same way as a miller does his flour. If I wish a joke on any subject I dig at it until I find it. Incidents in real life seldom appeal to me in a
humorous manner. I have written thousands of jokes and concocted thousands of humorous situations, but few have ever emanated from events coming under my direct observation."

Howarth trails an 1852 Almanak in his hind-pocket.

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